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The following list of posters is roughly sorted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones listed first. Some of these posters may have been presented at more than one conference. The year usually indicates when the first dissemination took place.

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List of posters

Vignette Summary and/or Title Authors Year
p55t Study of NOX5 stability by Molecular Dynamics methods B. Etcheverry, F. Cailliez, A. de la Lande, M. Baaden 2022
p54t Stability and structure of adaptative molecular self-organized aggregates designed for new artificial channels. This poster discusses the design and simulation of artificial water channels for desalination purposes, focusing on the structure of the channels in lipid membranes and their transport properties. It also explores the stability and scalability of the channels in different conditions. A. Hardiagon, F. Sterpone, M. Baaden 2022
p53t Multiscale modeling of the yeast mitofusin Fzo1. This poster discusses multiscale modeling of the yeast mitofusin Fzo1, a key protein involved in mitochondrial fusion, and its structure and function. R. Versini, A. Brandner, D. De Vecchis, M. Baaden, P. Fuchs, A. Taly 2022
p50t Design X Bioinformatics. This is a poster designed for our workshop on a community-driven initiative to connect the bioinformatics and design communities. You can read more about this effort here B. Sommer, M. Baaden, D. Inoue 2022
p51t 60 ans du Laboratoire de Biochimie Théoriqe. This kakemono poster was designed for the 60 years anniversary of my laboratory, the laboratory of theoretical biochemistry in Paris. We had a big celebration in 2019 Collective lab effort driven by G. Stirnemann 2019
p52t UnityMol X, une plate-forme logicielle made in France de visualisation moléculaire multi-fonctions et évolutive. UnityMol offers a software framework for efficiently representing biomolecules and adding visualization features. The use of the Unity3D game engine facilitates the prototyping of user interfaces and domain-specific graphics rendering. X. Martinez, H. Santuz, J. Rodrigues, N. Férey, M. Baaden 2019
p64t Visualisation interactive pour cerner les structures et interactions (macro)moléculaires X. Martinez, H. Santuz, M. Baaden et al. 2018
p62t UnityMol: la Biochimie à Portée de Tous S. Doutreligne, M. Baaden et al. 2018
p63t UnityMol: Interactive Scientific Visualization for Integrative Biology S. Doutreligne, T. Cragnolini, S. Pasquali, P. Derreumaux,M. Baaden 2018
p61t UnityMol: Simulation et Visualisation Interactive Ă  des fins d'Enseignement et de Recherche S. Doutreligne, C. Gageat, T. Cragnolini, A. Taly, P. Derreumaux, S. Pasquali, M. Baaden 2018
p60t Borne UnityMol/HiRE-RNA & DocMolecules S. Doutreligne, M. Baaden et al. 2018
p57t BioSpring: Modélisation Multi-Echelle par les Réseaux de Ressorts S. Doutreligne, A.E. Molza, B. Laurent, O. Delalande, N. Férey, P. Derreumaux, M. Baaden 2017
p56t CPU vs GPU S. Doutreligne 2017
p59t Exploration moléculaire du vivant avec un jeu vidéo basé sur UnityMol S. Doutreligne, P. Derreumaux, M. Baaden 2016
p58t UnityMol: Simulation et Visualisation Interactive Ă  des fins d'Enseignement et de Recherche S. Doutreligne, P. Derreumaux, M. Baaden 2016
p49t UnityMol: Visualization with a game engine Z. Lv, A. Tek, M. Chavent, M. Baaden 2012
p48t Study of the interaction between general anesthetics and a bacterial homologue to the human nicotinic receptor B. Laurent, S. Murail, P.-J. Corringer, M. Delarue, M. Baaden 2012
p47t Insights into Membrane Fusion from Molecular Dynamics Simulations of SNARE Proteins A. Tek, P.J. Bond, M.S.P. Sansom, M. Baaden 2012
p46t HyperBalls on GPU: dynamic visualization of molecular structures - Scientific Visualization Accelerated by Graphics Processors M. Chavent, A. Tek, Z. Lu, M. Piuzzi, B. Laurent, M. Baaden 2012
p45t Pushing the boundaries of computational biology with interdisciplinary approaches M. Baaden 2012
p44t Flowvr-Nano - visualiser, toucher, déformer et assembler des molécules du bout des doigts M. Baaden & FvNano team 2012
p43t FvNano - an interactive molecular dynamics platform M. Piuzzi, A. Tek, M. Baaden, M. Chavent, M. Dreher, B. Raffin, A. Turki, S. Limet, S. Robert, N. FĂ©rey 2012
p42t bioSpring, an interactive and multi-resolution software for flexible docking and for mechanical exploration of large biomolecular assemblies - methods N. FĂ©rey, O. Delalande, M. Baaden 2011
p41t Insights into Membrane Fusion from Molecular Dynamics Simulations of SNARE Proteins A. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Baaden 2011
p40t GPU-accelerated molecular visualization using the Unity3D game engine Z. Lv, M. Chavent, A. Tek, M. Baaden 2011
p39t UnityMol: game engine-powered GPU-boosted molecular visualization M. Chavent, A. Tek, Z. Lv, M. Baaden 2011
p38t FvNano - une plateforme de dynamique moléculaire interactive M. Piuzzi, A. Tek, M. Chavent, A. Vanel, B. Raffin, A. Turki, S. Limet, S. Robert, N. Férey, M. Baaden 2011
p37t Conformational dynamics in a nicotinic receptor homologue probed by simulations H. Nury, F. Poitevin, C. Van Renterghem, B. Laurent, T. Allen, J.-P. Changeux, P.-J. Corringer, M. Delarue, M. Baaden 2011
p36t Electrostatically-driven fast association and perdeuteration allow detection of transferred cross-relaxation for G protein-coupled receptor ligands with equilibrium dissociation constants in the high-to-low nanomolar range L. J. Catoire, M. Damian, M. Baaden, E. Guittet, J.-L. Banères 2011
p35t Etude par simulation de dynamique moléculaire du complexe SNARE inséré entre deux membranes A. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Baaden 2010
p34t A Rendering Method for Small Molecules up to Macromolecular Systems: HyperBalls Accelerated by Graphics Processors M. Chavent, A. Vanel, B. Lévy, B. Raffin, A. Tek, M. Baaden 2010
p33t Enterobactin could play a role in preparing iron transport by remodeling the water network through FepA J. Esque, M. Baaden, C. Oguey. 2010
p32t A Multimodal VR Framework for Interactive Molecular Simulations A. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Chavent, M. Baaden 2010
p31t High quality visualisation: from small molecules to macromolecular systems M. Chavent, A. Tek, A. Vanel, B. Levy, B. Raffin, M. Baaden 2010
p30t Augmented Dynamics : Enhanced Visualization of Molecular Dynamics Trajectories A. Tek, B. Laurent, M. Chavent, M. Baaden 2010
p29t Multi-resolution and multi-physics approach for interactively locating funtionally linked ion binding sites by steering small molecules into electrostatic potential maps using a haptic device O. Delalande, N. Férey, B. Laurent, M. Guéroult, B. Hartman, M. Baaden 2010
p28t The Closure Mechanism Of M. Tuberculosis Guanylate Kinase Relates Structural Fluctuations To Enzymatic Function O. Delalande, S. Sacquin-Mora, M. Baaden 2009
p27t Towards efficient tools for multiscale modelling of soft matter N. FĂ©rey, O. Delalande, G. Grasseau, M. Baaden 2009
pgt FlowVRNano - un laboratoire virtuel pour modéliser les systèmes moléculaires nanoscopiques en biologie et dans les matériaux N. Férey, O. Delalande, M. Baaden 2009
p25t Interactive simulations, a great promise for predicting interactions M. Chavent, O. Delalande, N. Ferey, B. Laurent,A. Tek, M. Baaden 2009
p24t Using Human Expertise in Protein-Protein Docking: From Biological Knowledge to Interactive Molecular Simulations M. Chavent, A. Ghoorah, M.-D. Devignes, M. Smail-Tabbone, V. Venkatraman, F. Leclerc, M. Baaden, B. Maigret,D. Ritchie 2009
p23t Analyse de protéines transmembranaires par polyèdres de Voronoi/Laguerre - les canaux d´eau à travers FepA J.Esque, M. Baaden, C. Oguey 2009
p22t FlowVRNano - a virtual laboratory dedicated to interactive simulations of large molecular systems N. FĂ©rey, O.Delalande, M. Baaden 2009
p21t New insights on protein/DNA non specific interaction: the DNase I/DNA model M. Guéroult, J, Abi Ghanem, B, Heddi, M. Lavigne, M. Baaden, B. Hartmann 2009
p20t Relations entre fluctuations structurales et fonction enzymatique de la guanylate kinase de Mycobacterium Tuberculosis- impact de grands changements conformationnels O. Delalande, S. Sacquin-Mora, M. Baaden 2009
p19t FlowVRNano - a virtual laboratory for analysing and controlling the dynamics of molecular structures N. Férey, O. Delalande, G. Grasseau, M. Baaden 2008
p18t SNAREs drum up in silico: molecular dynamics simulations of the synaptic fusion complex M.P. Durrieu, R. Lavery, M. Baaden 2008
p17t A VR framework for interacting with molecular simulations N. FĂ©rey, O. Delalande, G. Grasseau, M. Baaden 2008
p16t MDDriver: an efficient tool for driving Molecular Dynamics simulations O. Delalande, N. FĂ©rey, G. Grasseau, M. Baaden 2008
p15t SHAMAN devient FlowVRNano LBT team 2008
pgt FlowVRNano: vers un laboratoire virtuel M. Baaden 2007
p13t Fusion membranaire in silico M.P. Durrieu, R. Lavery et M. Baaden 2007
p12t Probing mechanical properties of molecular motors and fusion proteins M. Baaden, M.P. Durrieu, E. Levy et R. Lavery 2006
p11t Computational study of the low density lipoprotein receptor M. Baaden et R. Lavery 2006
p10t Simulation par dynamique moléculaire du complexe SNARE synaptique M.P. Durrieu, M. Baaden et R. Lavery 2005
p9t Modélisation moléculaire des mutations du récepteur des lipoprotéines de faible densité impliquées dans l'hypercholesterolémie familiale au Maroc R. Chater, D. Perahia, K.A. Chihab, S. Moussamih, A. Adlouni, M. Baaden, K. Zakrzewska, R. Lavery, M. El Messal et A. Kettani 2005
pgt On the convergence of the conformational sampling in molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins J.D. Faraldo-GĂłmez, L.R. Forrest, M. Baaden, P.J. Bond, C. Domene, G. Patargias, J. Cuthbertson et M.S.P. Sansom 2005
p7t Molecular dynamics simulations of outer membrane phospholipase A M. Baaden, C. Meier et M.S.P. Sansom 2003
p6t Simulation of outer membrane proteins M.S.P. Sansom, P. Bond, M. Baaden, J.D. Faraldo-GĂłmez, S. Deol, C. Meier et K. Cox 2005
p5t Barrels & corks in a computer, modelling bacterial iron transport systems M. Baaden et M.S.P. Sansom 2001
p4t Etudes de molécules extractantes en solution: aspects structuraux et mécanistiques des effets de synergie M. Baaden 1999
p3t Computer modeling of liquid - liquid ion extraction M. Baaden, F. Berny, N. Muzet, R. Schurhammer et G. Wipff 2000
pgt Dependence of isotropic shift averages and nuclear shielding tensors on the internal rotation of the functional group X about the C-X bond in seven simple vinylic derivatives H2C=CH-X A. Strich, M. Baaden et P. Granger 1999
p1t Selective extraction of lanthanide cations by tetra-phosphineoxide substituted calix{4}arenes: a molecular dynamics study at a water/chloroform interface M. Baaden, M. Burgard, D. Matt et G. Wipff 1999

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